I saw this posted Yesterday and thought it really encapsulated the power of the internet and how it could really be harnessed to level the barriers to entry to a whole host of industries. This video is of 15 year old Jack Andraka a young man who admits he didn’t even know what a pancreas was has created a new cost-effective way to detect pancreatic cancer at the early stages.

n the end, Andraka has created a paper censor that costs 3 cents — about 26,000 times less expensive than the current pancreatic test. The test takes five minutes. And it appears to have close to 100% accuracy, potentially allowing pancreatic cancer to be detected in its early stages, when a person has a much better prognosis. This accomplishment not only made Andraka the winner of the Intel International Science Fair – it has the potential to save many lives.


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Tom Brown is a constitutional Republican, based in Pennsylvania, who advocates Austrian economic principles. His blog, TheTGBReport.com, provides analysis of political and economically-critical issues. It focuses on political and economic news that affects your life. Tom is a frequent contributor to the Independent Voter Network website http://ivn.us/ Tom has worked on local, county, and state-wide political campaigns. In addition, he has experience in private industry, doing research for international trade hearings. Favorite figures in history include John Adams, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul, and other fiscally-conservative, true free market advocates

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