The state of Michigan passed bill number HB5768 that outlines that no state agency of the state will participate in the rounding up or detention of citizens in their state. This is great news for folks who actually care about civil liberties and the basic right of freedom from unlawful imprisonment.  The house passed this bill with 104-0 vote and with any luck the state Senate will follow suit and then their will be two states that have laws like this on the books.

Earlier this year Virginia became the first state in the Union to pass and sign into a law bill 1160  that not only condemns but likewise prohibits state agencies from participating in the rounding up and detention of citizens in the state. Well Texas is looking at joining the crowd next year but going one further. They not only want to prohibit agencies of the state from helping enforce this unconstitutional laws but also to call for the arrest of Federal officials and agents who carry out these acts within their state.

The bill being purposed is titled the  Texas  Liberty Act (No. HB 149). This is by far my favorite of the bills that have been enacted and are under proposal. It really goes after the Unconstitutional actions carried out by the Congress in passing this law and the President for signing it. As I said before it also goes after Federal officials who carry out the NDAA provisions dealing with rounding up and detaining folks.  This is great to see this and hope more states follow suit and take action to protect their citizens from the overreaching and unlawful actions of their creation, the Federal Government.


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Tom Brown is a constitutional Republican, based in Pennsylvania, who advocates Austrian economic principles. His blog,, provides analysis of political and economically-critical issues. It focuses on political and economic news that affects your life. Tom is a frequent contributor to the Independent Voter Network website Tom has worked on local, county, and state-wide political campaigns. In addition, he has experience in private industry, doing research for international trade hearings. Favorite figures in history include John Adams, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul, and other fiscally-conservative, true free market advocates

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