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The TGB Report with Tom Brown 9-17-14 – Documentry Radio – ISIS Propagnda and Who Created Them and Why?

The TGB Report with Tom Brown 9-17-14 – Documentry Radio – ISIS Propagnda and  Who Created Them and Why?

Today we will discuss ISIS or ISIL as Obama calls them and who created them, and benefits from their creation. Here is the official information on them according to Wikipedia The Islamic State (IS; Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية‎ ad-Dawlah l-ʾIslāmiyyah), previously calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL; /ˈaɪsəl/) or the Islamic […]

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King George Days – When We Were America September 16, 2014

Fred on Everything Fred Reed I beg the reader’s indulgence since this is in a large sense a personal communication more than a column for all. It will resonate with many, or some, so I post it anyway. I am preparing to fly to Fredericksburg, Virginia, for the—God almighty—fifty-year high-school reunion of King George High […]

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Nixon’s Vindication

Forty years ago many Americans celebrated the demise of the imperial presidency with the resignation of Richard Nixon. Today it is clear they celebrated too soon. Nixon’s view of presidential powers, summed up in his infamous statement that, “when the president does it that means it is not illegal,” is embraced by the majority of […]

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The Constitutional History of the Income Tax

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Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Written by Ron Paul Last week President Obama admitted that his administration has not worked out a strategy on how to deal with the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a dominant force in the Middle East. However, as ISIS continues its march […]

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The TGB Report with Tom Brown 8-27-14 – Documentry Radio – Lies the CDC and FDA told US

The TGB Report with Tom Brown 8-27-14  –  Documentry Radio – Lies the CDC and FDA told US

On this episode of The TGB Report we look into the cover-up of a study that shows a correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism by the CDC. The CDC also has been caught numerous times over the years in lies about vaccine safety in general. The Health and Human Dept. has been also caught […]

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Blood Drive to Honor Chris Crawford

Chris was recently diagnosed with leukemia and has been in great need of blood and platelets. The American Red Cross will be collecting blood donations that will help others in our community. This is so important, not only for Chris, but it will also save many other lives. Chris is an active donor to the […]

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Notes from the Drains What Cops Really Do August 23, 2014

Fred On Everything Fred Reed The police are out of control all across the country. They can kick in your door at three al.m., shoot your dog, and handcuff your daughters, and you have no recourse. All of this happens with the explicit, intentional help of the federal government. There is nothing to be […]

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The TGB Report with Tom Brown 8-19-14 – Documentry Radio – Feguson – Shooting/Police

The TGB Report with Tom Brown 8-19-14  –  Documentry Radio – Feguson – Shooting/Police

Today I we will discuss the events that happened and continue in Ferguson Township, MO. First, we have the shooting of an unarmed black man by a now known white police officer. Second, we have riots and looting that occurred hours after the shooting. The third, is the abuse of citizens and journalist by the […]

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Making Murder “Reasonable”: How the Ferguson PD Will Whitewash the Killing of Michael E. Brown (UPDATE, August 15)

Pro Libertate by Willima N. Grigg Edward Garner was unarmed when he was shot in the back of the head by Memphis Police Officer Elton Hymon. At the time, the short, slightly built teenager was scaling a fence attempting to flee. Hymon knew the suspect was unarmed, and that the only threat he posed was […]

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Fred on Everything – Burn, Ferguson, Burn: Random Thoughts on a Confluence of Putrescenses

Fred Reed August 15, 2014 Methinks there cometh three horsemen of a sorry apocalypse: First, blacks are again rioting, looting, and burning. Second, the media are as usual lying, interpreting, concealing. Third, swatted-out heavies of a bush-league police force knock reporters around, arresting them for nothing, and refusing to reveal their identities. We are […]

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My take on the Ferguson Missouri

First of all as you see in this news report that there was talk of bring 100,000 people from outside the town of Ferguson, Missouri to “protest” the shooting. The New Black Panther leader Hashim Nzinga, took over a press conference that was scheduled for the police chief Now, I think the militarization of the […]

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Ron Paul on Hobby Lobby case

By. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul from Ron Paul Channel The long-awaited ruling by the Supreme Court dealing with Hobby Lobby […]


Hagel’s ‘Defense Cuts’ Are Smoke And Mirrors

Ron Paul Last week Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel proposed an additional 40,000 reduction in active duty US Army personnel, down […]


Iraq: The ‘Liberation’ Neocons Would Rather Forget

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Remember Fallujah? Shortly after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US military fired […]


You Can Not Negltiate with Iran?

Texas Straight Talk: Ron Paul You cannot negotiate with Iran. That is what they told us for years. The Iranian […]


The TGB Report with Tom Brown 11-20-13

On today’s program I talk about the case of Ross Ulbiricht who on October 1st was arrested in San Francisco […]


This Week’s Guest is Author and Activist John Perkins

This Wednesday on The TGB Report we will be talking to John Perkins a former Economic Hitman. He his best […]

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